Employee Spotlight: Harrison Huang

Employee Spotlight: Harrison Huang

Meet Harrison Huang, Technical Sales Engineer, working in our Shanghai office.

Harrison Huang

Strongest Value Connection: Curiosity

How do you feel your job connects to Albemarle's Purpose?
As a member of the Quality and Technical Sales team, my responsibility is to understand the technical needs of our customers and help ensure the quality of our products meets their requirements.

Our customers expect and require stable product performance. They rely on our quality assurance capabilities and services to make sure that what they asked for is what they receive. Because of the support of our excellent global and local operations team, I think Albemarle is positioned to become the most sustainable lithium supplier in the world.

What are you working on now that contributes to our ability to execute our strategy?
I am currently focused on several quality and technology-related priorities. One of them entails communicating with customers regarding their technical requirements. I listen to what we refer to as the “voice of the customer," and communicate it to our internal team. This enables the team to closely connect with our customers and take the necessary actions to best meet their needs.

How does your role power the potential of a safe and sustainable world?
My contribution is primarily through helping our company understand customers' requirements for technology and quality, and driving the creation of solutions to meet them. The way we build relationships with our customers and meet their requirements reflects the kind of communication and interaction that can make the world safer and more sustainable.

How would you explain our strategy to a new team member?
Albemarle's purpose statement — Making the World Safe and Sustainable by Powering the Potential of People — drives the company's strategy. That means Albemarle contributes to a safer, more sustainable world by developing the potential of its employees in whatever capacity they work or role they hold. This, in turn, inspires each of us at Albemarle to strive to be the best we can be. We continue to learn and grow with our business, all while remaining aligned with the company's core values. By embracing continuous improvement and working together toward the same goals, we make the Albemarle strategy successful.

This article is part of Albemarle’s internal “Lithium Employee Spotlight” series which explores the ways in which our global employees connect to the Lithium purpose, strategy and values. To maintain the authenticity of our employees, no edits or alterations have been made to the responses featured within this series. To learn more about Albemarle or our Lithium business, please visit www.Albemarle.com.