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Across the world, we believe that nurturing our communities and promoting our employees’ philanthropic efforts are among our most important responsibilities. Over the years, Albemarle, our employees and retirees have invested millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours in support of our communities. In 2007, Albemarle created the Albemarle Foundation - a private endowed 501c3 entity who set out with a mission to make a positive, sustainable difference in the communities where we live and operate.

Today, Albemarle Foundation builds on this history of commitment and participation to make an even greater, more sustainable and profound impact on the places we call home. By utilizing the tools and resources of Albemarle Foundation, Albemarle Foundation Global and the Albemarle Care Fund - employees are empowered to Grow the Good in our own communities, and beyond!


In keeping with Albemarle Corporation, Albemarle Foundation shares the same core values. These values play an important role at our company which extends into our philanthropic efforts.

We truly CARE about the well-being of each other and the communities where we live and work.
We are CURIOUS about the unique needs of our communities across the globe and strive to empower them in a positive, sustainable direction.
We have the COURAGE to take action and make a difference every day.
We COLLABORATE with each other and other community partners to leverage opportunities.
We are HUMBLE and take the time and attention necessary to understand and appreciate the value we all bring to creating sustainable communities.
We have the INTEGRITY to do things consistent with our mission, for the right reasons and in alignment with our corporate compliance strategy and guidelines.
We are TRANSPARENT in the way we distribute grants.

Empowering our Global Potential

Grow the Good

Albemarle Foundation Global seeks to make a positive, sustainable impact in the communities where our global employees live and work. Learn more here.

Albemarle Care Fund

The Albemarle Care Fund exists to assist our own employees who have been impacted by catastrophic circumstances or natural disaster. Learn more here.

Our Impact

IMPACT report

Albemarle Foundation’s 2021 Impact Report offers insight into the Foundation's programs, distributions, and success stories in the communities where we live and work.

"In 2021, the global pandemic continued to impact our lives, and people, businesses, and communities had to adapt. However, one thing remained the same: Albemarle Foundation's commitment to Grow the Good," said Sandra Holub, Executive Director, Albemarle Foundation. "Thank you to our employees for always showcasing our core values and staying dedicated to making a difference in your communities, even during difficult times."

Growing the Good

Albemarle Donates $1.5 Million to Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative in Charlotte
Since moving our corporate headquarters to Charlotte, we have looked for ways to make a difference in the community, focusing on improving economic mobility. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg region has some of the lowest rates of economic mobility in the U.S., according to research by Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley.
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How Our Sites Are Growing the Good for Education
As one of the Albemarle Foundation’s core pillars of giving, we recognize that education should not be a luxury and that quality education sets students up for successful lives. Unfortunately, many teachers report spending their own money to purchase classroom supplies and many families struggle to afford the tools their students need to learn. At sites across the globe, our employees donate time and money to help ensure students and teachers have what they need to succeed.
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Growing the Good: Through Faith and Education
Nicholas Covington volunteered 260 hours to Regenar8 just last year. He's helped with maintenance work at the facilities, cleaning after meetings, and providing transportation to other members that needed to make medical appointments. His volunteer hours qualified him for a $1000 Volunteer Grant from the Albemarle Foundation, which was used to support the basic operating needs of Regener8.
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Growing the Good: By Adjusting the Sails
Albemarle employees across the globe are using volunteerism to make a difference. We asked several Albemarle employees, who use the Albemarle Foundations Volunteer Grant Program, to share how they are making a difference.
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