Growing the Good: Through Faith and Education

Growing the Good: Through Faith and Education

Albemarle employee volunteer

Albemarle employees across the globe are using volunteerism to make a difference. We asked several Albemarle employees, who use the Albemarle Foundations Volunteer Grant Program, to share how they are making a difference

Nicholas Covington has volunteered with Regener8 Outreach Ministry since the organization was founded 10 years ago. "It's a welcoming organization where all who enter are cared for and encouraged to share in life with the love of Christ," Covington affirmed.

Regener8, located in Magnolia, Arkansas, is open to the public each weekday and hosts weekly meetings. "The organization is a place of refuge for college students and the general public. It is a safe space to unwind, get emotionally and spiritually recharged to successfully navigate life to the fullest potential," said Covington.

Covington volunteered 260 hours to Regenar8 just last year. He's helped with maintenance work at the facilities, cleaning after meetings, and providing transportation to other members that needed to make medical appointments.

One of his favorite parts is serving as a mentor at Regener8, helping teens and young adults with essential life skills. When a college student's car broke down, he not only changed their brake pads but also taught the student how to do the necessary repairs himself. During his weekly mentoring sessions, he leads discussions on life and scripture. "I always take time to provide coaching on financial stewardship, which includes giving to charitable organizations and advice on investing and saving for retirement from an early age, stated Covington.

His volunteer hours qualified him for a $1000 Volunteer Grant from the Albemarle Foundation, which was used to support the basic operating needs of Regener8. 

Volunteers exemplify Albemarle's Core Value of Care, as they play a vital role in contributing to the well-being of the communities where they live and work. To honor those who give of themselves and their time and increase their impact, Albemarle Foundation awards volunteer grants of up to $1,000 per calendar year. All eligible participants may request $200 for 15-plus hours of service, $500 for 35-plus hours of service, or $1,000 for 70-plus hours of service, payable to the same or different organizations.