A never-ending pursuit. We accept the challenge to always do better – to set goals that will have a positive impact for all, meet higher standards and continuously improve our performance, while doing the right things the right way.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Albemarle. We believe that sustainability is a commitment to improve the quality of human life through innovative products and doing the right thing in our communities. As such, we are dedicated to developing products that benefit our customers, consumers and the planet as a whole and to using our expertise to help address the world’s most important environmental needs.

We recognize that health, safety and environmental protection are critical to our sustainable growth, and we embrace the opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships with the communities where we live and work. Our goals are to reduce emissions, lower risk products, alternative energy usage and conservation. We also know that our ongoing success demands a constant, unrelenting focus on product innovation, environmental stewardship and community outreach. While we have excellent examples of relationship building in many locations where we operate, we will continue to improve our efforts so that we strengthen a positive impact on our world.