Employee Spotlight: Christian Etzrodt

Employee Spotlight: Christian Etzrodt

Meet Christian Etzrodt, Apprentice Program Manager. Christian works at our Langelsheim site.

Employee Spotlight: Christian EtzrodtStrongest Value Connection: Care

I love my job because I care about the well-being and education of our apprentices and their life within our company.

How do you feel your job contributes to our ability to execute our strategy?

In my role as Apprentice Manager for Germany, I am responsible for the talent acquisition, selection, education and training plans for our apprentices in the mechanical, electrical, chemical and lab technician areas. Our apprentice programs run an average of three years, and most of our candidates join directly after school.

I am personally committed to fostering and enhancing their potential during these early years within our company, by giving them my best.

How does your role power the potential of a safe and sustainable world?

Health and safety is an important part of the three-year apprenticeship program. In my role, I take care to ensure that we are building our health and safety cultural basis during this time which lasts for their employment in the coming years.

How would you explain our strategy to a new team member?

During the program, our apprentices are exposed to all of our products - and each of our products makes the world a little bit better in terms of sustainability and safety.

What excites you most about 2020 – as it relates to the Lithium business?

I hope that the Operational Excellence project in Langelsheim will position us efficiently for the future, so that we can provide our customers worldwide with very good products.

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