Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - O'Gilvie, Gerbig and Donley

Catalysts Plant Employee Spotlights - O'Gilvie, Gerbig and Donley

It takes teamwork to make things happen and to keep things going. While the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL Albemarle employees are being productive and working as a team – especially our plant employees that keep our plants running with little to no disruption. Let's learn about some of the Catalysts plant employees, their roles and how COVID-19 has affected them.

A big thank you to these dedicated team members whose individual actions are helping Albemarle achieve success!

MEET Joseph “Joe" O'Gilvie

Machinist – Maintenance Coordinator
Pasadena, Texas Plant

Joe is a Machinist in the site's Maintenance Department working in the Alkyls area of the plant site with over 30 years at Albemarle. Joe is one member of the Pasadena Maintenance Department, which is working hard to keep the plant safe and in operation. Day-to-day, Joe not only performs LOTO Maintenance verification, he is also a member of the group which provides Machinist repairs to the PT fleet, aluminum powdering flapper valves and equipment rebuilds. Throughout the COVID-19 challenges, Joe has continued to perform his day to day activities, but also has done a good job of being an advocate representing the Maintenance workforce and supporting execution of the site's COVID-19 protocols. This situation is dynamic and protocols must be implemented quickly. Joe has continued to support and assist with pushing for compliance. Thanks to Joe and all of the other members of the Pasadena Maintenance team for maintaining focus and keeping the plant safe and running.

MEET Reiner gerbig

QC - Analyst
Amsterdam Plant

Reiner is working on one of three teams within Quality Control supporting the manufacturing plants in Amsterdam with daily analysis.To guarantee support of manufacturing, the QC-lab in Amsterdam shifted from a schedule with all analysts present during weekdays to working in three separate teams with minimum staffing covering all days. This requires strict social distancing guidelines to be adhered to in the lab to minimize risk within the QC-team. Coordination and interaction with manufacturing is carried out using virtual communication tools. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is normally used to prevent exposure to chemicals is also being applied to minimize the risk of contamination when working on shared workstations. Reiner and the entire QC-team have shown great flexibility in adapting to these changes and maintained a good spirit throughout.

MEET ronnie donley

FCC Maintenance Supervisor
Bayport, Texas Plant

Ronnie is the Maintenance Supervisor assigned to the FCC/Logistics area with over 30 years of experience at the Bayport Plant. Much of his time with Albemarle has been in the Operations Department as the Operations Supervisor responsible for daily operations of the FCC Unit. Ronnie transferred to the Maintenance Department in 2014 bringing along a wealth of FCC process knowledge. He has put that knowledge to great use in his maintenance role to help effectively troubleshoot equipment/operability issues while efficiently managing the daily work priorities for his group. Ronnie has a “can-do" attitude combined with a “Do It Right the First time" mentality that covers all aspects of his group's work activities. The new protocols instituted in response to COVID-19 have changed the way Ronnie and his group interact; however, he has continued to provide excellent maintenance service to his customers and has ensured that his team continues to meet regularly for tailgate meetings and JSA reviews while maintaining proper social distancing. Thank you, Ronnie, for your years of service and your dedication to keeping our operations running safely and reliably!