In Baton Rouge, Louisiana Albemarle operates two sites. The Process Development Center, is a U.S. based R&D location as well as a growing manufacturing facility. The Baton Rouge Tower is a service center for corporate functions dedicated to the universal themes that run across Albemarle and define our entire operation.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Albemarle’s largest U.S.-based R&D location as well as a growing manufacturing facility, the Process Development Center (PDC) sits on a 36-acre site on Gulf States Road in Baton Rouge, LA., staffed with a dedicated team of Engineers, Chemists, Researchers, and Technologists.

At the PDC, Albemarle's professionals perform fundamental research and product development in the laboratories, Pilot Plant Development, Market Development for initial commercialization, as well as full-scale Manufacturing. The PDC offers a unique combination of laboratory synthesis experience, scale-up capabilities, world class analytical capabilities, and versatile manufacturing processes. For example, the customer and technical support team of our Bromine GBU have an extensive set of analysis and testing capabilities at the PDC. Our technical experts located at this site utilize comprehensive lab capabilities to provide unparallelled support to our key customers.This combination allows the PDC to rapidly develop new products and processes, support process and product development for our customers, as well as for Albemarle Sites around the World.

Gulf States Road
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Phone: 225.388.7700
Fax: 225.359.2705