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We champion a more resilient world so communities may thrive.

Our Strategy for Impact

We believe in identifying barriers and elevating opportunities so that our communities can thrive. To drive transformational change, we focus our investments, engagements and partnerships into areas that align with our purpose and values.


Committed People. Purposeful Grants. Sustainable Impact.

The Albemarle Foundation is the primary philanthropic arm of the company and is committed to empowering our people to create a better world.

Through our volunteer and matching gifts programs we empower more than 9,000 global employees to give back to the communities where they live and work. Along with our “people power” we provide investments to address critical social and environmental topics impacting our business, industry and communities.

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Future Ready Workforce

We are committed to supporting the workforce of today and tomorrow in new and emerging career pathways. This includes:

  • Supporting a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) talent pipeline 
  • Focusing on college and career readiness programs
  • Helping with workforce reskilling and upskilling as technology rapidly changes the working landscape 
Two engineers in safety gear, one male and one female, are discussing a document in an industrial facility with steel tanks and piping in the background.

Inclusive Sustainable Economy

When we contribute to building strong economies that are low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive, all the communities where we operate benefit.  This includes:

  • Doing our part in environmental sustainability in climate, water, biodiversity and the circular economy.
  • Supporting an inclusive workforce within Albemarle as well as with other partners.
  • Embracing Just Transition so that the transformation to a clean energy and sustainable future is fair and inclusive for all.
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Resilient Communities

We are investing in communities where we operate to promise safe, healthy, and economically vibrant regions. Through our Community Resiliency Grants, non-profit organizations within proximity to our locations may submit requests for a grant of up to US$15,000. Our Community Impact team partners with local Employee Advisory Councils to determine these grants. 

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To date, we have granted over $62.5 million into our communities.

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