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Providing remediation technologies for a rapidly growing, global industry seeking solutions with impact.

Albemarle provides differentiated solutions for the remediation industry. 

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Addressing Environmental Tech Challenges

Challenges exist that are not only complex but also require the remediation of contaminants of concern that can be costly and time-consuming. Lack of proven efficacy in site stabilization can also add risk. Albemarle aims to engineer chemical innovations that capture contaminants from soil, water and air, and our highly skilled technical personnel are experienced in the elements that are the root causes of contamination. Albemarle’s environmental remediation solutions capture and sequester toxins such as mercury, changing the paradigm for removal in terms of cost, time, and efficacy of results.

Mercury Remediation

Every state in the U.S. has a mercury-related fish warning in at least one river, signaling the scope of toxic mercury contamination. Albemarle’s pioneering technologies tackle elemental and ionic mercury contamination while also significantly reducing levels of the more bio-available methylmercury. Our game-changing mercury remediation solutions are safe, efficient and effective.


Mercury Control: Sorbents

Albemarle’s Mercury Control Division is a full-service solutions provider to the coal-fired utility industry. Our team can connect you with the broadest portfolio of products, services and application-specific knowledge needed for effective, efficient mercury control solutions, including advanced PAC sorbents.

Mercury Control: Additives

Albemarle's Mercury Control Additives can be used to enhance the oxidation of the elemental mercury that is present in flue gas environments at power generation units and incinerators. Oxidized mercury is more readily removable via conventional pollution control processes and equipment.

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