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Keeping industry moving smoothly and swiftly.

Albemarle is committed to enabling key infrastructure and industrial applications through its technical grade lithium, bromine and other derivative products.

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Supporting Production, Performance & Profit

Albemarle supports the industrial processes industry in diverse applications ranging from power plant pH stabilizing to absorption chillers, welding flux, metal surface treatment, profile vulcanization and wastewater treatment. Customers rely on our consistent material quality to keep their systems and production operating at peak performance levels.


Albemarle offers various products including zirconium, barium, titanium, calcium and lithium-containing products to improve the physical and chemical properties of metals and alloys. Results can include better temperature stability, higher strength, less oxidation, lighter weight and uniform surfaces. Light and highly elastic aluminum-lithium alloys are widely used for aircraft and aerospace applications. Tech grade lithium metal serves as scavenger for refining copper and other metals by descaling. Lithium carbonate is used in continuous casting of steel, where it enables greater speed and fluidity in the molding process. Lithium chloride, lithium fluoride, cesium fluoride and CsAlF4 are used as components of salt baths for dip brazing and open furnace soldering of mainly aluminum profiles.

Gas and Air Treatment

Albemarle’s lithium bromide brine provides stable, chlorofluorocarbon-free solutions for absorption chillers used in industrial and commercial air conditioning. Our lithium chloride solutions for humidity control and drying systems are widely used in labs, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing with the added benefit of destroying microorganisms and bacteria. In closed systems – submarines, mining rescue kits and spacecraft – anhydrous lithium hydroxide serves as an absorbent to remove carbon dioxide from the air. Li-zeolites produced with our Lithium Chloride brine are used to produce medical oxygen by the pressure-swing-adsorption process.

Rubber Vulcanization

Our Sabalith® is a nitrite-free, low melting blend of metal nitrates used for the salt bath vulcanization of rubber pieces and profiles made of EPDM, EPT or EPM as well as foam rubber.

Aluminum Electrolysis

Lithium fluoride, produced from lithium carbonate and aluminum fluoride effects lower liquefaction temperature and viscosities in aluminum electrolysis in the Hall-Héroult process. This can enable savings in energy consumption and fewer air pollutants.

Catalyzed Chemical Processes

Cesium-containing catalysts exhibit widespread uses in industrial chemical processes, e.g. sulfuric acid production, ammonia synthesis, polyol synthesis, epoxidation and MMA (methyl methacrylate) synthesis.

Industrial Greases

Lithium greases represent more than 70% of the global grease production for technical applications and are widely used in industrial processes for automotive, steel, aircraft and heavy machinery. Their exceptional water and temperature resistance make them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Precision Cleaning

Sensitive materials – such as complex circuit boards, optical equipment, aerospace and automotive parts – benefit from Albemarle’s high-performance cleaning solvents, which are specifically designed for vapor degreasing, cold and ultrasonic cleaning. Our solutions are low Global Warming Potential and low Ozone Depletion Potential and are compatible with metals to reduce the risk of corrosion, making them ideal for cleaning delicate components in all types of precision engineering.


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