Western Australia

In 2019, Albemarle Corporation commenced construction at the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area in Western Australia to develop the Kemerton lithium hydroxide processing plant (“Kemerton”). Construction is now complete and Kemerton will process spodumene ore to produce lithium hydroxide product and a sodium sulfate by-product. Kemerton is expected to have an initial capacity of about 50,000 metric tons LCE of lithium hydroxide.

To support a safe and successful plant construction process, Albemarle has engaged a number of large local Western Australian-based suppliers. Over 1,800 construction jobs have been created to date and 370 further operational roles are forecast to be required for Kemerton. Albemarle is committed to the Australian Industry Participation Plan.

Albemarle's presence in Western Australia extends beyond the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area. We also obtain lithium through hard rock mining via our 49% interest in Windfield Holdings Pty. Ltd, which directly owns 100% of the equity of Talison Lithium Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in Australia (“Talison”). Talison, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, owns and operates a lithium mine in Greenbushes, Western Australia and mines lithium ore, which is then milled and processed to separate lithium concentrate from the rest of the ore. In addition, we hold a 60% interest in Mineral Resources Limited’s (“MRL”) Wodgina hard rock lithium mine project in Western Australia (“Wodgina Project”) and formed an unincorporated joint venture with MRL, named MARBL Lithium Joint Venture, for the exploration, development, mining, processing and production of lithium and other minerals (other than iron ore and tantalum) from the Wodgina Project and for the operation of Kemerton. Kemerton trains 1 & 2 are part of the MARBL Lithium JV, a 60:40 joint venture between Albemarle and Mineral Resources Limited, including the Wodgina mine.

The Kemerton plant marks the beginning of a brand-new lithium refining industry in Western Australia. The materials we intend to produce are expected to contribute to global energy storage and electric transport solutions. Guided by the Albemarle values, we will strive to meet and exceed our regulatory and community expectations by strengthening our links with stakeholders and regional communities as we begin our journey in Western Australia.

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If you are seeking information about the Albemarle Kemerton Project, you can contact us (1300) 925 400. You can also reach us via email at: commAU@albemarle.com