Sustainability Reports

Dear Stakeholder,

Throughout 2017, our focus was clear - achieve our strategy in a manner consistent with the Albemarle Core Values:

  • Care: We value safety and the well-being of each other. We help make our communities better. We are stewards of the environment.
  • Curiosity: We encourage questions and wonder. We seek continuous learning, improvement and innovation.
  • Courage: We are comfortable being vulnerable. We are willing to take informed and shared risks, but not shortcuts.
  • Collaboration: We believe two are better than one when two act as one. We are empowered to perform our jobs and are accountable for the result.
  • Humility: We share the credit and value the ideas of others - it’s not about me. We value diversity of thoughts, experiences and cultures.
  • Integrity & Transparency: We are our word. We do what we say. We communicate and act transparently. What you see is what you get.

Within this report, we are proud to showcase what we did in 2017 to execute our strategy in a way that was consistent with the Albemarle values to not only power Albemarle’s potential, but to power the potential of the world around us.

Luke KissamLuke Kissam,
President, Chairman & CEO

2017 Sustainability Report (2016 Activities)

2018 Sustainability Report

Want to learn more about our 2017 initiatives? Download a complete copy of Albemarle's 2018 Sustainability Report.

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Historical Sustainability Reports

Albemarle creates annual reports that provide information regarding our progress. To view past years reports, click below.

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