Sustainability Reports

Dear Stakeholder,

As we entered 2016, our core principles remained unchanged. Operating safely, reducing our environmental footprint, enhancing our communities and delivering solid returns to our shareholders continued to be our primary objectives. Throughout the year, we dedicated significant resources and talent to achieve these important goals, and as a result, we have realized historic successes and positioned ourselves as a global specialty chemicals company helping to power a cleaner environment and an innovative future. As an organization, we are making transportation fuels cleaner, enhancing the power of batteries that fuel new technologies, and manufacturing products that ultimately improve our lives and make us safer.

Through this report, I am proud to share examples of how we worked together in 2016 to execute our strategy, deliver on our promises and truly raise Albemarle’s potential to a new level.

Luke Kissam,
President, Chairman & CEO

2017 Sustainability Report

Want to learn more about our 2016 initiatives? Download a complete copy of Albemarle's 2017 Sustainability Report.

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Historical Sustainability Reports

Albemarle creates annual reports that provide information regarding our progress. To view past years reports, click below.

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