Eric Norris

Eric Norris

President, Lithium

Eric Norris is President of Albemarle’s Lithium global business unit.

He recently served as Albemarle’s Chief Strategy Officer. In this role, he managed the company’s strategic planning, M&A and corporate business development programs as well as its investor relations efforts. Norris joined the company in January 2018.

Norris previously worked as an officer at FMC Corporation where he served as President, Health and Nutrition, dating back to October 2014. Following FMC’s announcement to acquire DuPont Agricultural Chemical assets, he led the divestiture of FMC Health and Nutrition to DuPont.

Previously, Norris had been Vice President and Global Business Director for FMC Health and Nutrition and Vice President and Global Business Director for FMC Lithium. After joining FMC in 2001, he served leadership roles in Investor Relations, Corporate Development and Director of FMC Healthcare Ventures. Prior to joining FMC, Norris founded and led an internet-based firm offering formulation and design tools to the chemical industry.

His career began 29 years ago with the Rohm and Haas Company where he had increasing leadership roles in sales, marketing, strategic planning and investor relations. Norris earned bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and German from Colgate University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.