Western Australia

Albemarle in Perth, Western Austalia

Albemarle’s investment in Australia began in 2014 with the acquisition of Rockwood Holdings. As a result, since this time, the company has been focused on establishing a strong presence and new operations across the region.

To find out more about our sites in Western Australia, please click here: https://www.albemarle.com/businesses/lithium/locations/western-australia

Albemarle Lithium PTY LTD
PO Box 7423
Cloister Square PO, Perth, WA

If you are looking to work with Albemarle, employment opportunities are available at www.albemarle.com/careers

Alternatively, if you are a local supplier or looking to provide services to the Albemarle Kemerton Project, please send your details to kemertonproposals@albemarle.com

If you are seeking other general information about the Albemarle Kemerton Project you can contact us at (1300) 925 400.