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Greenbushes, Australia

The Greenbushes mine is a hard rock, open pit mine located approximately 250km south of Perth, Western Australia, 90km southeast of the port of Bunbury, a major bulk-handling port in the southwest of Western Australia. The lithium mining operation is near the Greenbushes townsite located in the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes. Access to the Greenbushes Mine is via the paved South Western Highway between Bunbury and Bridgetown to Greenbushes Township and via the paved Maranup Ford Road to the Greenbushes Mine.

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Kemerton, Australia

In 2019, Albemarle Corporation commenced construction at the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area in Western Australia to develop the Kemerton lithium hydroxide processing plant (“Kemerton”). Once construction is complete, Kemerton will process spodumene ore to produce lithium hydroxide product and a sodium sulfate by-product. Kemerton is expected to have an initial capacity of about 50,000 metric tons LCE of lithium hydroxide, with an ability to expand to 100,000 metric tons LCE over time.

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Perth, Australia

Corporate Office Address:
Albemarle Lithium PTY LTD
Level 7, 179 St. George's Terrace
Perth, 6000 Australia

Project Office Address:
Albemarle Lithium PTY LTD
Level 1, 197 St. George's Terrace
Perth, 6000 Australia 

Reception: 1300 021 983

Community line: 1300.925.400
Website: Albemarle Australia
Contact: [email protected]

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Wodgina, Australia

The Wodgina property, which includes hard rock and an open pit mine, is located approximately 110 km south-southeast of Port Hedland, Western Australia, between the Turner and Yule Rivers. The area includes multiple prominent greenstone ridges up to 180 m above mean sea level, surrounded by granitic plains and lowlands. The property is accessible via National Highway 1, National Highway 95, and the Wodgina camp road. All roads to the site are paved. The nearest large regional airport is in Port Hedland, which also hosts an international deep-water port facility. In addition, a site-dedicated all-weather airstrip is located near to the site, capable of landing certain aircraft.

Website: Albemarle Australia

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