Albemarle Taiwan is a key supplier to the Asian market of butyllithium.


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Strategically located

Taichung, Taiwan

Albemarle's plant is located south of Taichung Harbour in Chang Hua Industrial Coastal Park. The facility is a dedicated unit for the production of both normal and secondary butyllithium. Its production capacity allows Albemarle to serve the Asian market effectively. All concentrations of n-butyllithium in different solutions are available, from the diluted product in the 10% range up to the concentrate (90%).


Communication Address:
Albemarle Taiwan, Ltd.
17F-1, No. 89, Songren Road,
Taipei, Taiwan, 11073

Telephone: +886-2-2365 0308
+886-2-2369 9001

Rockwood Lithium Taiwan Co.,Ltd
2, Hsien-Kong N.1st Road, Hsien Si,
Chang-Bin Industrial Park,
Chang Hua County,

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