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Enabling innovation that improves lives, powers productivity and creates global opportunities.

Electronic device innovations are fueled by advancements in materials that provide reliable power and safe use at smaller, more mobile scale. Albemarle’s commitment to providing safe and efficient advances in chemical solutions – such as additives for fire safety products and battery sources – keeps this industry at the forefront of innovations in health and productivity, and touches almost every aspect of modern life.

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Smaller, Faster, Portable, Powerful and Connected

From smartphones to medical devices to smart homes controlled from afar, innovations in electrical and electronics have radically changed today's economies and day-to-day life. The power of 5G and ever-shrinking circuit boards are helping to take electronic imagination into reality at a staggering pace.  

Collaborating with customers to advance innovation in:

Wearable Devices

We're helping to advance solid-state battery technology by working to incorporate lithium sulfide to the highest purity (99.9%). This exceptional material can function as both an electrode material and a precursor for solid electrolytes in high-performance, solid-state batteries that may redefine safety, durability, and lifespan, and surpass the capabilities of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

The potential for these batteries is especially notable for wearable devices like hearing aids, blood pressure and glucose monitors, as well as wellness/fitness trackers.


Fire Protection  

Albemarle’s fire safety solutions are essential to assuring polymers used in electrical wires and cables, enclosures and circuit boards in electronic devices are protected from ignition sources that cause fire.  


Portable Power

Advances in lithium batteries are essential to mobility, health, energy and connectivity, providing long lasting power to the increasing number of electronic devices.


Stronger Glass  

Albemarle’s lithium carbonate products are essential for manufacturing strong, durable and thermal-resistant glass applications in electronic devices.

Printed Circuit Boards

Circuit boards that are smaller, flexible, more versatile and powerful drive electronic innovation. Albemarle’s fire safety solutions are used in the adhesive layer of circuit boards, providing lifesaving properties while enabling industry growth. Our high-performance precision cleaning solvents are used for circuit board vapor degreasing, cold cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, and are easy to recycle, compatible with metals and less likely to cause corrosion than many other solvents.

Wire & Cable

Essential to the electrical and electronics industry, wire and cable manufacturers need additives to reduce the fire hazard potential of densely packed, high-performing electronics. Albemarle’s innovative flame retardants can be compounded into the polymer matrix during the wire and cable extrusion process, which greatly enhances the fire resistance and overall fire safety of the final product.



Advanced semiconductor technology relies on Albemarle's specialty chemical products, which are crucial for achieving intricate designs, often at the atomic level. Our anhydrous hydrogen bromide is vital for precise and specialized etching procedures, while our butyl lithium serves as a key intermediate enabling powerful memory systems in compact sizes.


Conductive & Thermal Glass

Proliferation of personal electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and watches has increased the need for screens that are strong, durable and thermal resistant in all shapes and sizes. Albemarle’s technical grade lithium carbonate solutions promote advanced glass manufacturing advantages for a wide array of electronic products.

Wearable Devices

Albemarle is at the forefront in advancing solid-state battery technology, producing the highest purity (99.9%) lithium sulfide. The potential is especially notable for wearable devices like hearing aids, blood pressure and glucose monitors, as well as wellness/fitness trackers.

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