A row of pigs confined in a metal-barred pen at a farm, all facing the same direction, with feeding troughs visible in front of them.

PorciBrom® effectively combats Salmonella and E. coli while employing a single-solution antimicrobial. 

PorciBrom® is USDA and FDA-approved, industry-leading food safety product targeted for pork processing.

PorciBrom® is a trusted, proven antimicrobial that significantly reduces pathogens on pork hides, carcasses, heads, and organs, effectively lowering Salmonella and E. coli risks while preserving pork's natural quality.

Unlike other products, our chemistries eliminate unpleasant odors and corrosion issues, offering compatibility and peace of mind throughout the processing journey without causing harm to workers or equipment.

Albemarle offers a premium range of antimicrobials tailored for the food processing industry. Our innovative solutions are used in processing today, delivering unparalleled flexibility in various applications and allowing for water reusability.


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