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Stabilizing mercury contamination and protecting the environment and our food chain.  

Albemarle's MercLok™* is a versatile remediation technology that rapidly stabilizes** elemental, ionic and methylmercury, thus reducing leachability by up to more than 99% in a wide range of soils, waste and contaminated media.

With its low loading requirements, flexible application delivery, and high efficacy against many forms of mercury, MercLok™ can help ensure compliance with regulatory limits while helping to safeguard aquatic and terrestrial life.

Recognized as one of the top 10 elements of concern by the World Health Organization, even small amounts of mercury contamination can pose serious health risks, including neurological, developmental, and kidney disease. MercLok™ provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for mercury contaminated sites, by locking down and immobilizing the mercury.


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