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Advanced bromine biocide solutions for industrial water treatment.

MAXXIS® excels in combatting fungi, algae, slime and microbes in various industrial settings, including in recirculating, cooling and process water systems, pulp and paper mills.

MAXXIS® biocide is a concentrated, stabilized liquid bromine solution designed for heavy industrial water treatment. Albemarle's bromine biocide technology offers excellent biocidal performance for commercial and industrial water systems customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our innovative chemistry makes our products less corrosive, easy to apply and easy to control.

MAXXIS® is formulated to address the specific requirements of high-volume industrial water treatment systems. Designed as a highly concentrated stabilized bromine biocide, its significant halogen activity – approximately 21% as Br2 (equivalent to around 9% as Cl2) – sets it apart in potency and effectiveness. MAXXIS® biocide’s Environmental Protection Agency-registered formula efficiently controls biofilm deposits that commonly afflict pumps, pipelines, heat exchangers, and filters associated with industrial water treatment systems. Simplify your water treatment routines with MAXXIS® biocide—a proven solution that is compatible with many commonly used materials (at end-use concentration) and formulated for the unique requirements of high-volume, large-scale industrial use.

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