Multiple battery packs with metallic casings arranged neatly on a dark surface, highlighting their sleek design and copper connectors.

Lithium sulfide: a pivotal material for next gen battery innovation.

As a leading global provider of reliable high quality lithium supply, Albemarle is poised to keep pace with the growing demand for this essential battery component.

Lithium sulfide is a product intended for use in high performance lithium ion batteries. Whether applied as electrode materials or as a precursor for sulfidic solid-state electrolytes (SSE) lithium sulfide is pivotal in ongoing battery innovation.

High Standards Mean High Quality and Purity

Albemarle’s lithium sulfide is intended to fulfill the high requirements needed for applications leveraging lithium-ion batteries. Through specific production control processes and Albemarle’s commitment to quality management, our lithium sulfide has critical product characteristics including:

  • Ultra low impurity profile
  • Free flowing
  • Easy to dose
  • High lot-to-lot consistency

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