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A lithium derivative primarily used in energy and industry.

Lithium hydroxide, a key material for battery and other industrial uses, is typically produced via a feedstock of hard rock spodumene.

Albemarle's battery grade lithium hydroxide is used in lithium-ion battery applications around the globe. Albemarle's production sites in in North America, Australia, and China provide global distribution of battery grade material. Our footprint in North America and Australia also provides pathways for the supply of lithium that is compliant with U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) requirements.

Albemarle's technical grade lithium hydroxide is used as a thickener in high-performance greases, a reagent in dyes, pH balancer in power production, and as a carbon dioxide scrubbing agent in rebreather apparatuses; it also finds use as an intermediate in some pharmaceutical applications, especially in the production of vitamin A.

Albemarle produces technical grade lithium hydroxide in the US and a recycled technical grade lithium hydroxide product in Germany for customers all across the globe. We also produce technical grade lithium hydroxide in China to support the robust local market demand, primarily in grease and pharmaceutical applications.

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