A crash test dummy inside a car experiencing airbag deployment during a safety test in a laboratory setting.

Pioneering the safe, smart use of special metals.

Albemarle’s long history of expertise in the industrial use of special metals has contributed to modern advancements ranging from medical devices to life-saving vehicle airbags to space exploration.

We offer a large selection of high-quality metal products with various grades of zirconium metal powder, titanium metal powder and metallic lithium in various forms as well as zirconium and titanium hydrides to customers in a variety of industries across the globe.

Given the highly reactive nature of this class of materials, Albemarle’s long-standing experience in professional handling of these sensitive products is essential to serving our customers' unique needs.

Our dedicated and trained operations, sales, technical service, product management and supply chain teams enable both safe and effective applications through optimal formulations and packaging solutions.

Cesium Metal – found in applications such as atomic clocks, ionic sources, lamps, doping of fullerenes, atomic beam oscillators, photocells, thermionic converters.

Lithium Metal – widely used in battery production as well as in aerospace applications combined with other metals and in the organic synthesis of compounds of biological and pharmaceutical interest such as steroids and vitamins.

Titanium Metal – available in a wide variety of grades defined by ignition point, combustion rate, ignition gain and particle size for various pyrotechnic mixtures.

Zirconium – chemical applications from explosive, coatings, cosmetics and gas purification.

Other Metal Products – hydrides of zirconium, titanium, hafnium and calcium as well as zirconium nickel alloys and magnesium powder from Albemarle contribute to sophisticated innovations ranging from solid hydrogen storage to medical applications to energetic pyrotechnic cartridges.


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