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Kemerton Community Corner

Albemarle is a global company with a local focus and commitment to support the communities where we live, work and operate. We add value by producing innovative and sustainable products, protecting our environment, and doing the right things in our communities.

Albemarle is committed to engaging with our communities through our Core Values with care, respect, transparency, honesty, and humility to make positive contributions.  We do this by providing various forms of support, engagement and partnership.

As an emerging, value-adding industry in the heart of the South-West Region, Albemarle Kemerton’s community investment program is a demonstration of our commitment to a bright and sustainable future. Our community program is designed to enhance our communities by investing in and partnering with not-for-profit groups to achieve meaningful outcomes and sustainable relationships.

We support activities under the following categories:



Our company purpose statement – making the world safe and sustainable by powering the potential of people -- inspires us to support activities that are focused on increased educational outcomes. Community applications that showcase the variety of professions and skills within our industry and enhance knowledge, skill development and learning will be considered.

Environment and Stability

environment and sustainability

The products from our lithium business enable the growth of cleaner transportation with electric vehicles, more efficient use of renewable energy through grid storage, and batteries for medical devices and medical purposes. We also support initiatives that highlight community awareness and enhancement of our natural assets and environment.

Health Cultural | World | Albemarle

health and cultural

We support initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing and enhancement of healthy communities, including initiatives that cover a broad variety of cultural interests and diversity.

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