Code of Conduct


Our potential is powered by our passion to innovate, dedication to serve our customers and willingness to collaborate with each other. It’s also driven by the trust we have built with our customers, neighbors, communities, suppliers, and investors. These qualities have contributed to a reputation that has taken years to build.

To protect and further enhance this reputation, our work is guided by our core values of Care, Collaboration, Courage, Curiosity, Humility, Integrity and Transparency.

On February 25, 2021, Albemarle Corporation updated our existing Code of Conduct to which all Albemarle employees, officers, and directors are required to adhere. Like the existing Code, the updated Code provides standards to deter improper actions and promote honest, ethical, and responsible conduct; compliance with applicable laws and regulations; full, fair, accurate, and timely disclosure in filings and other public communications; prompt internal reporting of violations; and individual accountability. The updates to the Code include a letter from our new CEO Kent Masters, reinforcing the importance of putting our Core Values into action and operating by the principles of our Code. Albemarle’s eight Life-Saving Rules were added to the Code. These Rules are standardized across our organization to ensure consistency, compliance and understanding of critical safeguards. Updates were also made to align content with several new policies including: our new Global Labor Policy, Human Rights Policy, and Community Relations and Indigenous Peoples Policy. All updates to the print version of our Code were also made to the employee eCode.

The Code represents our Core Values in Action.

To download a PDF version of the Code of Conduct, click on PDF link below.
Code of Conduct – English Version
Code of Conduct - Dutch Version
Code of Conduct - German Version
Code of Conduct - Simplified Chinese Version
Code of Conduct - Spanish Version

The Code is supplemented by our interactive eCode, which is accessible to Albemarle employees on their computers and smartphones. The eCode sets out specific requirements for each type of work activity, with links to supporting policies and details of whom to speak to if they have questions. All employees are expected to Start with the Code.

Employees can access the eCode by visiting