Kings Mountain Recognized for Excellence in Corporate Conservation

Kings Mountain Recognized for Excellence in Corporate Conservation

Did you know? Our site in Kings Mountain, North Carolina is home to a 2,000 square-foot pollinator garden that was recently recognized for excellence in corporate conservation during the 2020 Wildlife Habitat Council Awards. 

Kings Mountain Nature

The Kings Mountain pollinator garden is situated atop a rock pile Albemarle reclaimed from previous lithium mining and is located within the 5-mile long Kings Mountain Gateway Trail. It provides an enhanced habitat for pollinators, particularly the monarch butterfly which has recently seen a species decline. Over the last few years, Albemarle employees have planted a variety of pollinator-friendly vegetation and taken regular visits to monitor the garden's progress.

Last month the team received recognition for this great work and excellence in corporate conservation as the recipient of the 2020 Wildlife Habitat Council Pollinators Project Award. This is Albemarle's first project to receive an annual WHC Award.

“We are thrilled to receive recognition from WHC for the continued care and focus that our team at Kings Mountain dedicates to a critically important environmental effort,” said John Kuhn, Albemarle Environmental Manager. “This award from WHC represents our positive results from the pollinator garden and our commitment to Albemarle’s sustainability goals for the communities in which we work and live.”

Congratulations to Kings Mountain and all those who have contributed to this important project. Your work truly demonstrates our continued commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability!