Growing the Good: Capturing Paw Prints

Growing the Good: Capturing Paw Prints

Rachel Crouch with Foster Kittens

Albemarle employees across the globe are using volunteerism to make a difference. We asked several Albemarle employees, who use the Albemarle Foundations Volunteer Grant Program, to share how they are making a difference.

Soon after moving to the Houston area last year, Rachel Crouch saw Mission for Paws, a nonprofit cat and kitten rescue that operates solely with in-home volunteer fosters, hosting a cat adoption event at a local pet store. Crouch, on a whim, signed up to serve as a volunteer foster for the organization.

Due to the overpopulation of cats in the greater Houston area, the local shelters are nearly always full. The organization takes in stray cats and kittens and pulls kittens from local shelters to give them an optimal chance to grow in a less stressful environment.

"As a foster, I give cats and kittens a temporary, loving home until they can be adopted out to their forever homes," said Crouch. "I help shy cats come out of their shell. I learn their personality, which allows me to find the family that best fits each cat."

She has fostered mom cats with their kittens, baby kittens who require feeding every 4-5 hours, kittens with medical issues, and timid, semi-feral cats who she says "eventually turned into big lovebugs."

Fostering Kittens

Rachel not only gives the cats a loving temporary home, but she also transports them to adoption events each weekend, where she answers the questions of potential adopters. She's also found a way to use her photography passion, volunteering her time to photograph the cats for their online adoption profiles.

"Having professional photos of the cats helps them stand out and get adopted faster," said Crouch.

In addition to the hours spent serving as a foster parent, Rachel rehomed 28 cats and spent over 100 hours volunteering at adoption events and photographing the cats in 2021. The Albemarle Foundation Volunteering Grant Rachel earned has helped cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries and the cost of vaccinations and medications.

"Donations help slow the cat population and prevent animal suffering," said Crouch. "Although it can be exhausting at times, it is all worth it for the lives saved."

Volunteers exemplify Albemarle's Core Value of Care, as they play a vital role in contributing to the well-being of the communities where they live and work. To honor those who give of themselves and their time and increase their impact, Albemarle Foundation awards volunteer grants of up to $1,000 per calendar year. All eligible participants may request $200 for 15-plus hours of service, $500 for 35-plus hours of service, or $1,000 for 70-plus hours of service, payable to the same or different organizations.

Rachel Crouch is a Technical Design Engineer part of our Catalysts Global Business Unit at Clear Lake, Texas, USA

Volunteer Organization: Mission for Paws Rescue and Adoption