Product Stewardship and Advocacy

As stewards of the planet, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers for high quality products in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Being keenly aware of the benefits our products bring to society as well as the footprint we leave is vitally important to sustainability.

From food and pharmaceuticals to paints, packaging, personal care products and much more, our products touch the lives of people throughout the globe in a positive way. Our fire safety solutions save lives and protect property. Our food safety efforts help keep people healthy. Our pharmaceutical initiatives aid in the formulation of drugs that can relieve simple aches and pains or treat more serious ailments such as the flu. Our products also help ensure a cleaner environment through the reduction of emissions from refineries.

Albemarle shares a responsibility to leverage our resources, including the time and talent of our people, to have a positive impact in the global community. Our employees strive to improve the communities where they live and work and are generous in helping to provide for the underserved in many parts of the world. We recognize that health, safety and environmental protection are critical to our sustainable growth. We also know that our ongoing success demands a constant, unrelenting focus on product innovation, environmental stewardship and community outreach. While we have excellent examples of relationship building in many communities where we operate, we will continue to improve our efforts so that we can sustain a positive impact on our world.

Albemarle Corporation is committed to meeting its obligations domestically and internationally to test new compounds to ensure the safety, reliability and effectiveness of the production and market placement of our products. At present, testing on living animals is still a necessary part of the regulatory approval process for new and existing chemicals. While legally we are unable to replace all animal testing in the foreseeable future, we fully appreciate and share the public concern for animal welfare in research and in safety assessments of chemicals. We strongly support and apply the principle of the 3 Rs: to Replace, Reduce and Refine animal experiments.


  • Albemarle maintains, and continues to enhance, capabilities for tiered data development to replace, reduce or complement animal testing. This includes extensive literature research, computer modeling and in vitro assays.
  • Albemarle does not have its own animal testing facilities and commissions tests only at facilities which are fully approved by regulatory authorities and that comply with all applicable laws, regulations and licensing requirements. We ensure that staff at these facilities are trained, competent and implement only humane animal care techniques.
  • We are actively working towards the development, validation and adoption of alternatives to animal testing through our active participation in industrial and scientific consortia (CEFIC, ACC, ECETOC, etc.)
  • Albemarle promotes the use of integrated testing strategies to establish data for use in regulatory submissions worldwide in order to minimize the need to repeat animal testing.
  • We are committed to the welfare and ethical treatment of animals and will listen to and discuss the concerns of others who express their concerns in a reasonable and lawful manner.