Our Sourcing Practices

Albemarle Employees

Our Core Values in Action 

The sourcing of goods and services by Albemarle is governed by the Albemarle Code of Conduct and supporting policies and procedures, which require employees to: 

  • source responsibly from producers and suppliers that meet our Core Values expectations 
  • conduct tender processes with transparency, treat vendor bids as confidential and not provide any current or prospective vendor with an unfair or improper advantage 
  • avoid actual or potential conflict of interest arising from the selection or use of a vendor 
  • treat our vendors with respect, communicate our requirements with clarity and transparency, and pay valid invoices on time 

The Code also prohibits employees from: 

  • using vendors if we suspect that such activity will violate export, sanctions or anti-boycott laws or regulations 
  • business relationships with vendors that may be engaged in money laundering 
  • asking, expecting or allowing a vendor to carry out acts that would be a violation of the Code or applicable laws

Supply Chain Illumination 

Supply Chain Ethics - Albemarle

We conduct due diligence as appropriate on prospective business partners that present heightened risks relating to human rights, health & safety, the environment, corruption, fraud or antitrust to ensure that we conduct business only with suitable and reputable business partners.

To further mitigate such risks: 

  • if we identify credible information or indicators of violations by existing suppliers, we take prompt steps to investigate and remediate any issues, including terminating supplier relationships where appropriate 
  • we only pay for goods and services provided and monitor our vendors for evidence of fraud or bribery 
  • we require our suppliers to prevent conflict minerals ( tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold) entering their supply chains; to provide documentary evidence that all of the materials they source are conflict free; and to notify Albemarle in writing if they discover that any minerals supplied to Albemarle are not conflict-free 
  • we provide appropriate ethics, compliance, and/or sustainability-related training to Albemarle employees and business partners 
  • periodic audits of business partners may be conducted