Our Expectations of Suppliers


Business Partners – including suppliers - play a critical role in Albemarle’s success, helping us to deliver the promises we make. We communicate our Core Values and expectations to our suppliers in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners and in contractual obligations, including: 

  • a requirement to comply with applicable laws 
  • an expectation that business dealings with Albemarle are conducted with integrity 
  • a requirement that supplier operations are conducted in a safe and healthy workplace 
  • a prohibition on the use of forced or involuntary labor, child labor or engaging in any other type of human rights abuse 
  • our expectation that suppliers respect the environment and local communities 
  • a prohibition on our vendors engaging in bribery, including facilitation payments, on Albemarle’s behalf 

Albemarle expects all suppliers and any other third party doing business with Albemarle to act in a manner consistent with our Core Values and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. We also expect our suppliers to ensure that sub-contractors they engage on our behalf do the same. 

How our suppliers adhere to our Core Values and work in accordance with this Business Partner Code of Conduct is an essential part of their performance for Albemarle. We may elect to not work with or cease to work with suppliers who do not meet our expectations. Any violation of the Business Partner Code or applicable laws may result in termination of the supplier’s relationship with Albemarle.