Water Treatment 

Albemarle’s bromine-based biocides offer dependable, long-lasting protection for commercial and industrial water systems and associated equipment. Albemarle’s biocide products are effective against bacteria, fungi, algae, slime and mollusks. 

Albemarle has pioneered advances in bromine biocide technology.  We are recognized leaders in innovation.  Our innovative chemistry makes these products less corrosive, easy to apply with your existing equipment and easy to control. No other supplier offers comparable products and this breadth of product offering. And, we provide world-class technical and regulatory support. Cost-effective and reliable, we have the resources to get the job done. 

STABROM® & MAXXIS® BiocidesLiquid stabilized bromine products

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Efficacy of oxidizers
  • Stability of non-oxidizers
  • Single-feed
  • Liquid
  • Easy to handle and use
xTRABROM® BIOCIDES -  solid products based on dbdmh

Benefits & Handling Properties:

  • Oxidizing bromine-based biocides
  • Contains zero chlorine
  • Requires zero chlorine for activation
  • Easy to use
  • Effective control of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Biofilm
  • Effective in high pH systems
  • High available bromine concentration

ALBROM® 100PCALBROM® 100PC disinfectant is a bromine-based disinfectant.
MAXXIS® BiocideMAXXIS® biocide is a liquid, single-feed, stabilized bromine biocide for industrial water treatment applications.  
SANIBROM® 40 Biocide40% solutions of sodium bromide in water.
SANIBROM® 45 Biocide45% solutions of sodium bromide in water.
STABROM® 909 Biocide STABROM 909® biocide is a single-feed, stabilized liquid bromine biocide for industrial water treatment applications. Product activity is approximately 15% as Br2, equivalent to approximately 7% as Cl2.
STABROM® Plus Biocide STABROM® Plus biocide is a liquid, single-feed, stabilized bromine-based biocide for industrial water treatment applications. Product halogen activity is approximately 18% as Br2, equivalent to approximately 8% as Cl2.
XtraBrom® 111 BiocideXtraBrom® 111 biocide is a free-flowing, bromine-based nugget product used for biocontrol of industrial water systems.
XtraBrom® TXtraBrom® T is a bromine-based biocide in tablet form.

Featured Product
XtraBrom T®

XtraBrom T® is used as a fungicide, algicide, slimicide, and microbiocide for wastewater, cooling water systems, brewery pasteurizers, pulp and paper mill systems, air washer systems, air and gas scrubber systems and decorative fountains.

DibromomethaneDBM is used in the manufacture of crop / Ag chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemicals, leather treatment, insect repellents, and other chemicals
STABROM® 909Albemarle's STABROM® 909 biocide is a premium product from a new class of biocides offering the power of oxidizers and the stability of non-oxidizers.
Wellbrom® 12.5
Albemarle's WELLBROM® 12.5 is a sodium bromide solution which helps prevent costly drilling problems by stabilizing formations and controlling downhole pressure.

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