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Albemarle continuously seeks to add more value to refinery operations by offering solutions that meet our customers' requirements for profitability and performance in the very demanding refining market.  We meet this demand by offering a diverse portfolio of proven and novel catalytic solutions that enable the upgrading of oil fractions to clean fuels and other usable oil products.   Our catalysts remove sulfur, nitrogen and other impurities but it is our application expertise which drives the optimum catalyst system design for each unit, balancing the many objectives of our clients.

Our mission is rigorous understanding of the needs of our customers and supplying them with catalysts for the unique requirements of their hydroprocessing units. Smart feedstock characterization, world-class research and development facilities, commercial performance evaluations and years of experience contribute to our success and that of our customers.



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SAYTEX® PURshield PURshield, the latest in the Albemarle's Fire Safety Solutions SAYTEX family, delivers 10-20% higher yield with excellent thermal resistance. PURshield is a low viscosity, fully reactive, bromine based flame retardant for HFO-blown rigid polyurethane foams. 
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