Silvio Ghyoot

Silvio Ghyoot

President, Catalysts

Ghyoot is the President of Albemarle’s Catalysts Global Business Unit, and is in charge of development, manufacturing, marketing and commercialization of Albemarle’s refinery Catalyst products.

Prior to assuming this role in January 2015, Ghyoot served as Vice President for EUMEI and Global Catalyst sales. In this role, he led Albemarle’s Global Sales of Refinery Catalysts and PolyOlefin & Chemical Catalysts. He also oversaw Albemarle’s activities in Europe, Middle East and India including the General management of Albemarle’s regional headquarters and commercial offices in both the EU and MEIN regions.

Until the end of 2013, Ghyoot was the Regional VP EurAsia, leading the regional sales efforts and taking care of the general management of Albemarle’s operations in Europe and Asia Pacific. He took on this assignment in August 2012, after having served the company as regional VP for Asia Pacific and as Managing Director for Albemarle Europe.

Ghyoot has been with Albemarle (and its predecessor Ethyl Corporation) since August 1990. During these 25 years with the company, he has held numerous commercial and management positions of increasing responsibility, including Business Manager for Flame retardants in Europe, Sales Director Europe for Polymer Solutions Division, European Business Director of Albemarle’s Fluid Cat Cracking (FCC) Business based in Amsterdam and Vice President Sales Europe from the headquarters in Brussels. Ghyoot started his career with Monsanto and Kaneka, before joining Albemarle.

Ghyoot is a native of Belgium, graduated as Chemical Engineer in Ghent-Belgium in 1987 and obtained a degree in Business Administration in 1992 from the Leuven University.