Battery Products


Albemarle is dedicated to serve the battery industry with high-quality products. It is our goal to provide material to this industry to support and increase the success of lithium-ion technology, not only in mobile communication and power tool (PWT) applications, but also in electric mobility.

Albemarle offers lithium metal as ingots, foil, rods, or anodes in hundreds of sizes and thicknesses for primary and secondary lithium batteries. High-purity lithium metal or lithium alloys are used as anode material.Current research and development efforts pursue the objective of manufacturing a rechargeable lithium battery, by using a lithium metal anode, which offers the highest energy density for rechargeable applications. The anodes of lithium batteries are usually made of lithium foils and rods. To achieve higher surface areas, thin lithium foils are spirally wound in primary cylindrical cells. Anodes for button cells are cut from rods or stamped out of foils.We also produce foil laminates that require the bonding of copper, nickel, or other metals, to lithium foil.

To meet the highly specialized needs of lithium-battery researchers and thermal battery producers, Albemarle produces a broad range of lithium alloys, such as lithium aluminum and lithium silicon in the form of powders, foils, or anodes.Our product forms are:

  • Lithium foil
  • UltraThin foil
  • Specialized lithium foil
  • Lithium anodes
  • Lithium rods
  • Lithium alloy powders
  • Precision cut-to-length rectangular anodes
  • Precision cut-to-shape custom-shaped anodes

In addition to these standard product offerings, our team of lithium experts is prepared to consider new and unique products to suit novel and innovative applications in the rapidly evolving sector of battery industries. Please contact us to discuss how we can improve our standard offerings to better meet your needs.