With its cesium, lithium, and metal product range Albemarle offers a broad toolset for the joining of



  • Cesium compounds such as cesium fluoride or cesium aluminum fluoride are increasingly used as flux components in the brazing of aluminum alloys.
    In response to growing requirements concerning weight, performance, costs, and quality, these aluminum alloys have recently replaced copper alloys in the automotive industry, e.g. in heat exchanger systems. They preferably have a high magnesium content as it increases the mechanical strength of the alloy. Cesium-containing fluxes can counteract brazing problems arising from this high magnesium content. Conventional fluxes, however, fail in this respect and are therefore not suitable as brazing aids.
  • Lithium chloride is used for several welding and soldering techniques, salt bath heat-treatment by low-temperature and dip brazing.
  • Metal products like titanium hydride and zirconium hydride is used for the production of active filler alloys for ceramic-to-metal joining.

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