Our Expertise


Albemarle has been a leader in developing new resources for the production of lithium and pioneered the brine production route that accounts for most of the production today.

The detailed know-how in manufacturing, handling, and the use of air and moisture sensitive reagents was the basis for the successful diversification into further fields of organometallic chemistry.

Production and storage sites in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia (JV) ensure that our products are supplied quickly and reliably. Standard or large-scale products like Butyllithium, Lithium Aluminum Hydride (LAH), and certain Grignard compounds are manufactured in dedicated plants. Special products are produced in campaigns in multipurpose plants. Production lines with different reactor volumes give us enough flexibility to react to variations in customer demand, usually at fairly short notice.

Commitment to Quality

Albemarle has installed a high purity salt plant and manufactures Li2CO3 according to GMP regulations. We also keep sufficient stocks to ensure that delivery to our customers continues as normal during e.g. scheduled maintenance work in the plant.

All the materials leaving or entering our plants undergo stringent quality control procedures (DIN EN ISO 9001).

Investing in the Future

To keep pace with the robust growth in the use of our products, especially in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, Albemarle continuously invests in the expansion of its existing plants in the US, Chile, China, Taiwan, and Germany.

Constant investment in development and improvement, as well as high productivity as a result of Lean Sigma, ensures that our plants are reliable and conform to high technical standards.