Chemical Catalysts


Our Chemical Process Catalyst business group provides a range of catalytic solutions that are used in the manufacturing of PVC, methylamines, hydrogen, ammonia and other industrial chemicals.

Their excellent performance originates from a unique combination of decades of experience in the various processes together with innovations that incorporate the latest industry developments.

We also undertake custom catalyst projects and joint technology developments based on our vast catalyst process development, manufacturing, and characterization capabilities and skills.

Albemarle produces and supplies a variety of high quality Oxychlorination Catalysts for all currently licensed fluid bed technologies.

For many decades, our In-house developments and strong relationships with vinyl producers have led to success in oxychlorination catalysis. Today, our Oxychlorination Catalysts are the most active catalysts available in the market. They combine this activity with highly selective catalytic performance, high ethylene efficiency and low chlorinated byproducts formation. As a result, the vinyl industry benefits from optimized value.

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EasyOx is a line of promoted copper chloride catalysts on an alumina-based carrier. They exhibit high activity, high HCl conversion, low by-product formation, high ethylene efficiency, and low attrition rates. EasyOx is used for OxyChem/Vinnolit licensed Units.


FPC-2LD is a next-generation catalyst for fluidized bed oxychlorination of ethylene. It exhibits low combustion rates, low regeneration time, low attrition rates, and low fines content. FPC-2LD is used for Mitsui Chemicals licensed Units.