Food Safety


An expert in bromine technology, Albemarle offers a premium line of bromine-based antimicrobials as a unique solution for the food processing industry. Albemarle’s food safety products are some of the fastest growing products used in processing today, proven effective against many pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobactor, and E. coli O157:H7.

Albemarle’s innovative chemistry provides flexibility in a wide range of applications and allows for effective reuse of water. We offer simple, plant-friendly chemistries without the objectionable odors or corrosion issues created by other products. Albemarle’s FDA-approved AviBrom® and BoviBrom® are specifically designed for use in poultry and beef processing. They are efficacious in reducing bacteria and can be applied in a variety of processing applications. We offer technical support in a variety of applications to help you reach your microbial reduction goals.

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According to the CDC, More than 15% of the 48 million estimated incidents of food borne illnesses in the US annually are linked to poultry, with Salmonella being the leading culprit. Albemarle’s bromine-based chemical products are proven pathogen reduction treatments that can be used on carcasses, parts, trim and organs as well as in ice-making systems for general use in poultry processing. These products can be used in a variety of applications including chill tanks, post-chill dip tanks, air chillers, inside outside bird washers (IOBW), and scalders, as well as on-line and off-line reprocessing of contaminated carcasses.

AviBrom (1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin or DBDMH) is a solid which hydrolyzes in water to form hypobromous acid. This antimicrobial solution is a broad-spectrum, post-harvest intervention that reduces Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobactor at multiple application points in poultry-processing plants

SWG Biocide is a stabilized bromine-based liquid used to disinfect Gram-negative organisms in tanks, pumps or medicators used to deliver the product, piping and tubing associated with water lines in animal, livestock and poultry housing facilities. It is only used when animals are not present.