In Chile, Albemarle operates three sites. Two of these sites are used for lithium production and the third, located in Santiago, serves as Albemarle's Latin American Headquarters.

Le Negra Albemarle Chemical Plant

LA Negra, Chile

La Negra Chemical Plant is located in the “La Negra” industrial sector, located 27kms. southeast of the city of Antofagasta in Northern Chile. This plant began operations in 1984 with the Lithium Carbonate Plant and in 1998, a lithium chloride plant was brought on stream. The investments made to date allow them to have a solvent extraction plant, as well as a chemical laboratory and a Research and Development Laboratory.

Here, the brine extracted from the Salar de Atacama is subjected to a series of chemical processes that allow products such as Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade, created specifically for the market of electronic devices, electric cars, and safety equipment. In May 2017, the company inaugurated the new La Negra II Plant, the most modern plant in Latin America for the production of battery-grade lithium carbonate with a capacity of 44,000 tons per year. Albemarle is expanding to a third phase at La Negra which will increase the production capacity of battery-grade lithium carbonate to over 80,000MT.

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