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Pioneering well completion fluids for safer and more productive operations.

In today’s evolving energy landscape, enhancing productivity and safety during well completion has never been more crucial. Our completion fluids set the standard for quality and safety, helping to ensure optimal pressure control, borehole stability and environmental responsibility.

Albemarle’s advanced bromine-based fluids control the pressure inside the well during drilling to help control formation pressures. Our solid-free liquids optimize well yields, prevent borehole wall collapse, and help cool down drill bits. They also help clean the wellbore, ensuring a smooth and efficient well-completion process.

  • Albemarle’s advanced bromine technology helps control high-pressure conditions during drilling and completion 
  • Our clear, water-based fluids minimize damage to the walls of the well, pay zones and surrounding formations
  • Proven solutions help ensure stability in high temperatures and maintain consistent downhole wellbore pressure in challenging drilling conditions


WELLBROM® is an industry-leading clear brine completion fluid. A versatile solution in oilfield applications, it is extensively used for completion, fracturing, workover and as a packer fluid. 


WELLBROM®’s clear brine completion fluids are solid-free, efficient liquid solutions. These fluids optimize pressure control, prevent wellbore collapse and aid in cooling drill bits while helping ensure a smooth well-completion process.


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