A man wearing a hard hat, safety glasses, and purple gloves is examining a water sample at an industrial facility. He is standing next to large metal structures and valves.

Advancing technologies that help make water treatment simpler, safer and more effective. 

Poor water management can lead to costly production disruptions, diminished product effectiveness, and equipment corrosion. Albemarle's pioneering biocide technology offers dependable, long-lasting protection for commercial and industrial water systems.


Albemarle's industrial water treatment solutions encompass recirculating, cooling and process water systems.

  • Our anti-microbial solutions help ensure the quality of water treatment systems
  • Our biocides are effective against most bacteria, fungi, algae and slime in industrial water systems
  • Our advanced chemistry helps minimize equipment corrosion and seamlessly integrates with existing systems
  • We deliver technical and regulatory support to help meet the unique needs of each customer
A worker in protective gear uses a device to monitor water quality in a flowing channel, with water splashing as it interacts with the sensor.

Cost-Effective, Safe, Reliable Products — Easy to Use and Handle

Albemarle’s stabilized liquid bromine delivers dependable protection for commercial and industrial water systems, with excellent performance at higher pH compared to chlorine chemistry. Our industrial water safety solutions provide savings for equipment and maintenance.


A partner in fighting foodborne pathogens.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S., is dedicated to serving the innovation and technical support required for our premium line of bromine-based antimicrobials. Founded in 2011, this laboratory is a partnership between Albemarle Corporation and Southern Microbiological Services, LLC in Baton Rouge. A cross-disciplinary team of scientists specializing in the fields of biochemistry, bacterial genetics, biofilms and food science, designs and executes application-specific tests and provides timely responses to customer needs.

Located at the Louisiana Business & Technology Center, the lab is equipped with cutting-edge research instruments, providing a platform for conducting both fundamental and applied research against a broad spectrum of food and water-borne pathogens including Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria, E. coli, Pseudomonas and Legionella.

Manufacturing Solutions

Albemarle’s advanced chemistry makes our products less corrosive, easy to apply with existing equipment, and easy to control. We offer a diverse range of product options/chemistries to meet each customer’s specific requirements.


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