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Industrial activities like chlor-alkali plants, chemical manufacturing, munition manufacturing and metal mining can release mercury, contaminating soil and water, and impacting the food chain. This poses a significant health risk to humans and other species, particularly through fish consumption.

Albemarle's remediation technology is a powerful solution that captures and sequesters different forms of mercury, including the element itself, ionic compounds and even methylmercury, which can be particularly harmful. 


Albemarle's MercLok™ technology* can reduce leachable mercury and methylmercury concentration, by up to 99%, strongly reducing accumulation of mercury in biota. 


  • Albemarle’s advanced remediation solutions have been measured by rigorous industry-standard testing, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methods.** 
  • Our solutions have been proven highly effective in cleaning up and stabilizing contaminated sites. 
  • We're committed to developing innovative practices that benefit both humanity and the environment.

Number of legacy mercury mines in the western U.S.
50 States 
In U.S. have mercury-related fish warnings in at least one river
A large school of silver fish swimming in clean and safe ocean water, illuminated by rays of sunlight penetrating the surface.

Powerful New Tool to Address Mercury Contamination

Albemarle’s versatile remediation technology, MercLok™, is designed for the rapid stabilization of mercury found in a range of soils, wastes and contaminated media. With low dosage requirements, flexible application delivery and high efficacy against many forms of mercury, MercLok offers a unique solution that can help allow sites to meet regulatory mercury limits.

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MercLok™ Offers a Delicate Ecosystem a Second Chance

Several years ago, the owners of a ranch containing an old, abandoned mercury mine in the hills of California were faced with the prospect of containing the site’s mercury-contaminated mine waste. The conventional options included frequent surface grading, concrete capping, and amendments designed for other heavy metals, but these measures have generally failed to contain mercury beyond a few years. Building a landfill on the site or trucking away contaminated soil to a landfill were other mitigation options, but these were very expensive, and would further damage the ecosystem. 


In 2020, Albemarle secured access to the site for a study of its promising new solution for mercury stabilization and worked with the landowners to resolve the mercury contamination. 

“MercLok™ could totally change how mercury is remediated and really change the world.”

 Leading Remediation Expert and Early Adopter.


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