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Advancing chemical solutions for global well-being and food security.

Albemarle is at the forefront of advancing chemical solutions to the pharmaceutical and nutrition sectors. We are experts at providing organometallics (Li, Mg, Zn), and bromine specialty chemicals, which are pivotal in driving innovation and sustainability. We offer cutting-edge products that are the keystones in synthesizing pharmaceuticals and pioneering agrochemical solutions, fostering global well-being and food security.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

Albemarle is trusted by the world's largest pharmaceutical and nutrition companies to provide chemical tools for synthesis for human and animal medicine and nutritional supplement manufacturing. We supply a wide array of reagents for chemical synthesis such as lithium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc-based organometallic specialties, bromine derivatives, zirconium, and titanium energetic products, metal hydrides, and cesium compounds. Albemarle specializes in customer reagent design for ease of handling and optimal performance, examples include Turbo Grignard's and Turbo bases.

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Partnering for Life-saving Medications

Albemarle's innovative solutions have enabled the synthesis of countless pharmaceutical innovations over the years, contributing to a healthier and more resilient future for humanity.

The unique properties of Albemarle's organometallic compounds enable high selectivity and can increase product yields in the synthesis of small molecule drugs.

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Unique Pharmaceutical Solutions

Our Tools for Synthesis family of reagents are indispensable in the development and production of a wide array of active pharmaceutical ingredients such as antiviral, anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, oncology and cardiovascular drugs. Our tailored hydrobromic acid compounds and lithium triethylborohydride, can be found as reagents in the synthesis of vitamins focused on boosting nutrition for human and animal health.

We offer scalable technology, a global manufacturing footprint, secure supply through backward integration and regional production, and local technical support for safe product stewardship and handling.

Organic Chemical Synthesis

Albemarle provides deep expertise to customers worldwide in the construction of chemical compounds that are essential to the value chains of pharmaceutical, nutrition and life sciences industries.

Pharma Carbonate

Albemarle is a provider of select Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), aligned to various global standards, for the manufacture of drugs and medications to help provide their intended therapeutic effect.

Partner with us on solutions for the Pharmaceutical & Nutrition industry.