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Pioneering reliable solutions for medical devices and healthcare through innovation.

Albemarle is helping to advance safe, secure, forward-thinking and tailored solutions for healthcare applications and medical devices.

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Pacemakers, Scans, Medical Oxygen and More

Our ultrapure cesium salts, integrated into Scintillation detectors, are fueling pacemakers, insulin pumps and contributing to medical imaging for CR, CT, PET scanners, and more. Tightly regulated class III medical devices benefit from our high-purity Li metal, and our customizable products allow for long-life, high-power batteries, ensuring performance, reliability and safety across diverse operating conditions.

Albemarle's influence in healthcare solutions also includes Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEMD) and medical oxygen solutions that were proven effective in helping to address respiratory issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our specialty LiOH Anhydrous and lithium chloride brine (LiCl) solutions contribute to critical applications, underscoring our dedication to advancing healthcare technologies.

A person lying on their back inside a medical imaging scanner, viewed from above. The focus highlights the centered head and upper body, enveloped in a calm, bright clinical setting.

Decades of Medical Device Contributions

Since 1971, when Wilson Greatbatch harnessed the first commercial lithium-iodine battery to power a pacemaker, Albemarle has taken pride in delivering high quality products tailored for various medical applications. Our offerings span from pharmaceuticals and vaccines to precision-stamped lithium components integrated into battery anodes for essential medical devices.

Albemarle's contributions extend to supporting crucial medical imaging processes, such as tomography (CT, PET, etc.). Whether ensuring reliable power sources for implanted medical devices or supplying specialized cesium salts for medical imaging equipment, our pioneering expertise in meticulous manufacturing, shipping, and customer-specific processes plays a pivotal role in the development of life-saving medical devices and equipment.

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Transforming Medical Devices for Better Health

Albemarle's decades-long expertise in lithium-based products empower our dedicated teams to pioneer innovative power sources for medical devices. Our focus on implanted devices, such as pacemakers, prioritizes safe, reliable, consistent and durable power solutions. By addressing the persistent challenges such devices present, we strive to reduce the need for invasive surgeries and improve the quality of life for those dependent on vital medical devices. Lithium metal from Albemarle is available in multi form factors that include foil and anode.

Medical Oxygen Solutions

Albemarle is playing a pivotal role in enabling Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) – a cost-effective, sustainable method for producing essential medical oxygen with purity greater than 90%. Our global footprint in large volume production of lithium chloride brine allows for onsite PSA installations at hospitals and clinics, ensuring a nearby and reliable supply for treating respiratory diseases. The process minimizes energy costs and eliminates the transportation of heavy oxygen gas bottles.

Medical Imaging

Activated cesium salts in scintillation detectors efficiently absorb high-energy radiation, such as x-rays and gamma rays, reemitting the energy as visible light. This process yields imagery that offers in-depth anatomical and functional insights, enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Our ongoing challenge in high-energy radiation absorption R&D is to minimize the radiation dose absorbed by patients, prioritizing both safety and image quality.

Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)

Albemarle Corporation stands as a global leader in the production of Lithium Hydroxide (Anhydrous), specifically tailored for Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) applications. EEBD devices are crucial in various challenging environments, including mining, confined spaces, underground work, sewer operations and below sea-level tasks on navy ships. These devices, serving as CO2 scrubbers, generate a limited amount of emergency oxygen, allowing individuals to escape to a normal atmosphere. Depending on the type and size, these devices typically provide a duration of 30-60 minutes. 


Albemarle manufactures Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous that meets absorption abilities and mesh requirements, offering customized solutions to cater to the diverse needs of different customer specifications.

Implantable Medical Devices

Albemarle's lithium-based products provide safe, reliable, consistent and durable power sources for lifesaving implantable medical devices such as pacemakers. Our innovation contributes to the medical industry goals of reduced need for invasive surgeries and improve the quality of life for those dependent on vital medical devices. Lithium metal from Albemarle is available in multi form factors that include foil and anode.

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