An offshore oil rig silhouetted against a dramatic sunset sky over a calm ocean.

Supporting a more efficient, effective conventional energy industry.

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world. It is crucial to the global economy as well as our transition to a clean energy future.

Albemarle partners with the global oil and gas value chain for better outcomes. Whether on land or sea, the world benefits when extraction of petroleum-based energy sources is done efficiently and effectively.

Silhouette of an oil pump jack operating at sunset with a vibrant orange sky in the background.

Addressing Oil and Gas Industry Challenges

  • Produce more energy at lower cost with less emissions.
  • Meet unprecedented global demand.
  • Demonstrate efficient and durable economic models.

Albemarle enables the modern advancement of the conventional energy industry with technologically advanced solutions for mitigating formation damage in wells. Our clear brine fluids play an important part in the evolution of the industry into the future.

Well Completion

Albemarle’s WELLBROM® is a completion fluid prioritizing quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our bromine-based fluids effectively help manage well pressure during drilling and completion, balancing high underground pressures. This minimizes damage to well walls, pay zones and surrounding formations, maintaining stability even in challenging drilling environments. WELLBROM®’s clear brine completion fluids based on sodium or calcium bromide, are solid-free, liquid solutions. These fluids optimize pressure control, prevent wellbore collapse and aid in cooling drill bits while ensuring a smooth well-completion process.


Printed Circuit Boards

Albemarle’s flame retardant solutions are essential for the wiring and electrical connectivity in circuit boards used in conventional energy production. Our high-performance precision cleaning solvents are used for circuit board vapor degreasing, cold cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, and are easy to recycle, compatible with metals and less likely to cause corrosion than many other solvents.

Wire & Cable

Albemarle’s SAYTEX® flame-retardant additives help mitigate the incidence of fire hazards. Flame retardant additives can be compounded into the polymer matrix during the wire and cable extrusion process, and production of wire coatings / primary insulation, that enhances the fire resistance of the final product. Our flame-retardant technology helps to meet the most stringent fire standards in the industry.


Partner with us on solutions for the Conventional Energy industry.