Close-up of rough, textured limestone rocks with sharp edges and varied color tones, highlighted by natural sunlight.

Minerals for industry and metallurgy.

Albemarle's technical grade spodumene concentrate contains up to 7.2% lithium oxide (lithia) and has a low impurity profile. This characteristic makes it especially suitable as a clean lithia source for the glass and ceramics industry and for metallurgical applications.

Spodumene is a mineral found all across the globe, primarily in Australia, Africa, and North America. Chemically a lithium aluminum silicate, it occurs in granite pegmatites.

The ore, naturally containing up to 4.5% lithium oxide, is processed via gravity, heavy media, flotation and magnetic processes into a range of spodumene concentrates from 5.0 to 7.2% lithium oxide. Further operating modes are employed to make products that are intended to meet specific customer and application requirements.

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