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Modern fire safety, advanced sustainability.

From the world’s leading brand of safe and versatile flame retardants comes a new generation — a flame retardant with improved performance for fire protection.

SAYTEX ALERO™ is Albemarle's next–generation versatile polymeric flame retardant that safely enables a wide array of processing conditions and customizable material properties together with demonstrated recyclability. SAYTEX ALERO™ allows manufacturers to meet the fire safety demands of an increasingly electrified and digital world.

A sustainable polymeric flame retardant for materials of today and tomorrow.

SAYTEX ALERO™ is non-volatile, non-toxic, non-corrosive, recyclable, oxidatively, thermally and hydrolytically stable with no bioaccumulation and no blooming. It also enables safe use and waste reduction and allows PTFE-free formulations.

  • ABS: Provides lower loading, better performance, better appearance versus competitive flame retardants and an excellent EHS profile
  • Polypropylene: Melt-blendable properties enhance product uniformity and formulation flexibility and allow PTFE-free formulations
  • PC/ABS: No synergist is needed while providing superior impact strength

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