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Your product’s fire safety starts here: SAYTEX®.

Albemarle is committed to creating a better tomorrow for the world we live in. Now and in the future, you can look to Albemarle for exceptional flame retardants.

Our increasingly interconnected world – electronics, appliances, vehicles, wiring, textiles, building materials, and more – requires advanced attention to fire safety from combustible materials. Adding fire prevention additives, such as SAYTEX® brominated flame retardants, to everyday products helps meet fire safety standards and save lives. Our range of SAYTEX® products help prevent and slow the spread of flames in a variety of materials allowing for life-saving escape time in the event of a fire.


The percentage of fires in the EU caused by electrical issues
€5.4bn – 7.7bn
EU property damage each year due to electrically induced fires
Vehicle fires in the U.S. in 2021
Electronic products in the average U.S. home

SAYTEX® – Trusted for Exceptional Fire Safety:

  • Reliable high performance and exceptional efficiency 
  • Meets stringent fire safety standards 
  • Adds critical escape time in the event of a fire, saving lives and property 
  • Excellent product stewardship 
  • Sustainability advantages and recyclable options
  • Technical know-how
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SAYTEX® 8010

SAYTEX® 8010, the leading flame retardant in the world, has strong thermal stability and high bromine content, making it a prime candidate for high temperature applications with lower loading. It exhibits good UV resistance and is suitable for use in many applications requiring color stability. With good thermal and hydrolytic stability and low blooming characteristics, it is also suitable for use in systems where recycling is anticipated. SAYTEX® 8010 flame retardant is not acutely toxic, it is not teratogenic, and it is not harmful to human and aquatic health.

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Electric Vehicle Batteries

Continued innovation makes SAYTEX® an important contributor to the thermal and flame retardant properties of electric vehicle batteries for today and tomorrow.

Printed Circuit Boards

SAYTEX® is used in the adhesive layer of circuit boards to provide flame retardant properties.

Wire & Cable

SAYTEX® is compounded into wire and cable extrusion processes enhancing fire resistance and safety.


SAYTEX® brings thermal stability and safety to connectors used in a variety of industries from electronics to machinery to communications.


SAYTEX® flame retardants are incorporated into a variety of enclosures used in applications like electronics and appliances to make them safer.


SAYTEX® is essential for adhesives requiring flame retardant properties to ensure integrity of the adhesive at high temperatures and to resist smoke and fire.


Textiles products in homes, buildings and vehicles can inhibit or delay the spread of fire when treated with SAYTEX® flame retardants.

Building & Construction Foam

Insulation materials like fiberglass, cellulose and closed cell spray foam can be treated with SAYTEX® to increase temperature and fire resistance.

Roofing & Decking

Commercial and residential building and construction benefits from the flame-retardant properties of SAYTEX® in a variety of roofing and decking applications.


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