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A crucial missing link in the lithium battery recycling value chain.

Albemarle's ingenuity and deep expertise in refining is bringing to market battery grade lithium hydroxide with recycled content to be produced at our Kings Mountain, NC, processing site.

Albemarle's innovation provides a solution to close the loop on nickel-containing lithium-ion batteries (LiB) through refining and upgrading recycled black mass streams into recycled battery grade lithium hydroxide.

Improved carbon footprint: Albemarle's Battery Grade Lithium Hydroxide with recycled content offers a pathway to a reduced carbon footprint.

Unmatched Recycling Advantages

The recycled battery materials sector is rapidly evolving, and Albemarle’s strengths promote sound industry leadership for years to come:

Quality – Analytical understanding when assessing high quality lithium is even more important when blending virgin lithium solutions with refined recycled products.

Global Refining Network – A truly global network of refining facilities, engineers and scientists provides the entire value chain with access to unparalleled expertise in handling and transporting high purity recycled battery products.

Sustainability – All Albemarle battery grade recycled lithium products adhere to the same sustainability high standards as recognized through IRMA, ACA and others.

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