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A versatile, building-block chemical for lithium derivatives.

As a champion for electrification, battery grade lithium carbonate is a key material in lithium-ion batteries, powering everything from electric vehicles to power grids.

As a fundamental chemical in the production chain, lithium carbonate serves as both its own, highly versatile product, and can be used as a foundation for other lithium derivatives such as lithium hydroxide and lithium chloride. 

Other applications utilize technical grade carbonate, which adds value across diverse sectors like the ceramic, enamel, and glass industries. Both grades play vital roles in sustaining the growing demand for lithium-based technologies. 

Albemarle produces lithium carbonate at La Negra, Antofagasta in Chile, and in Nevada, USA, with plans to expand operations to Antofalla, Argentina and Arkansas, USA. These resources are based on naturally occurring lithium brines. 

Apart from technical and battery grade carbonate, we produce lithium carbonate as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions.

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